Celebrity Look 4 Less: Lea Michele as Rachel Berry on Glee

In honor of one of my favorite shows starting tonight, I decided to feature a look 4 less of the outfit Lea Michele wears as Rachel Berry in a promo of the first episode. (See entire video clip HERE)

To recreate Lea as Rachel's look, you'll need a polka dot shirt ($13.80), a grey skirt ($18.90), and ribbon belt ($1.98 a yard - click HERE to purchase). Although her shoes aren't shown, I took the liberty of pairing this outfit with a basic pair of black flats ($39.50). Click on any of the items (with the exception of the ribbon) below to purchase this ensemble.


Aly said...

just watch glee and loved this outfit and this scene!!! another job well done on creating a fab look for less

Mandee said...

Do you know who the designer of the original shirt is? Love the look by the way!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thanks Aly!

Mandee - Apparently it's from H&M: http://www.possessionista.com/2010/09/glee-fashion-audition.html

she13820eyes said...

yes, it is H&M's i own it lol!!!