Nicholas Kirkwood Suede Platforms

I was unable to find a retail price on these gorgeous platforms by Nicholas Kirkwood, but I found that his shoes tend to run about $500 and up.

This version from Go Jane isn't exactly like the Kirkwood version above (for one it's not real suede, and it doesn't come in the same color as the original) but they might work while you're saving your pennies for the real thing. This shoe retails for $25.20 and you can click here to purchase.


...love Maegan said...

will you find me more versions of these


please? ...I only now know of the Sam Edelman version ...but there HAS to be more :)

theglosspost said...

That looks really similar! Nice job ... it's nice to have someone looking out for the girls who can't drop $500 for shoes :)

- theglosspost.wordpress.com

J said...

Maegan - I'll see what I can find!