About Me & The Look 4 Less

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Welcome to The Look 4 Less! 

I originally started this blog back in October of 2007 because I had a strange knack for finding lookalike items and wanted to share my finds with others. Doesn't everyone deserve to look fabulous, even on a budget?

I often get asked if I take requests, and the answer is yes - feel free to email me at lookforless@gmail.com if you have an item you'd like me to look for. I can't guarantee that I will be able to find anything, as not everything has a lower priced alternative - but I will definitely do my best and look around.

I also love helping out Etsy designers, so if you design an item that might be a look 4 less or an inspired by item, please feel free to email me with a link to your item/store. I'm also always looking for sponsors to do giveaways for my fabulous readers. Please email if you are interested!