Style Me Saturday: NYC Trip

Reader Jess wrote in asking for some cute dresses or tanks/shorts to wear during the day on her upcoming NYC trip. Here's what she wrote in her email...

"We are going to NYC Aug 3-6 for work...we both work for a really nice restaurant/night club and are in the process of opening a chic "cafeteria" style lunch/dinner restaurant. So, what better place to do "research" than NYC?! The problem is that I am a plain kind of girl...I shop at the Gap, Old Navy and Target a lot and wear jeans and a white v-neck at least twice a week. I need some ideas for day time outfits in the city...I just purchased 2 military type dresses from Express that are super cute for the night time, but I'm in need some simple/trendy/comfy dresses or short/tank combos. I have found a few on your website but would love a few more ideas if you have any!"

Here are my suggestions for Jess (click on any of the items in the photos below to purchase/for more information):

I'm currently obsessed with olive green, so I took inspiration from a recent Kim Kardashian outfit for this first one.

A maxi dress is always easy and looks put together.

Love these sateen shorts from Old Navy, and of course...stripes.

A friend of mine has this dress from Target and it is SO adorable in person.

And finally, a dress from American Eagle (click HERE to purchase this item) that could easily go from day to night by changing shoes and accessories.


Schnelle Couture said...

nice outfits. my favorite is #3. i love the necklace in the last picture too.


clarissa said...

i actually came here for outfit ideas to an event and was so glad to find these. i like number 1 and 3 and i'm gonna look into buying these right after i post this comment. thanks for your great work.

Jess said...

THANK YOU! I already purchased two outfits :) I can't wait for our trip!