3 Wishes: Fashionably Inspired

Kara from Fashionably Inspired is such a sweetheart and is fantastic at recreating celebrity looks for a lot less. I adore all of her picks, that swimsuit is perfect for summer, and Marc Jacob's Hillier handbag has been on my wishlist for awhile. Check out her top three wishlist items for summer, and then head over to her blog to get your celebrity fashion fix.

Since this is a summer WISH list... I decided I better go big or go home!

First up. The perfect summer dress. I live in dresses all summer. When it is blazing over 100 degrees here in California, nothing feels better than light cool cotton on your skin. This dress is adorable. It has a slight boho vibe and the floral print is oh-so girly. Pair it with a sandal, I am one happy girl!

Daughters Of The Revolution at ShopStyle

Next up... I need the perfect summer bag to accompany my summer dresses! When I think summer bag, I am instantly drawn to white. I LOVE white purses and Marc Jacobs Hillier bag would sure be the perfect playmate for me this summer! It is large enough so that I can lug all my worldly possessions around with me (and my toddler's too because we can't leave home without an abundance of snacks and toys apparently).

Marc by Marc Jacobs at ShopStyle

Lastly.... an amazing swimsuit. (I said this was a wish list so on my wish list, I also wish for the perfect the perfect body for this. I don't consider this a 4th wish... it should just go hand in hand when you THINK bikini so no rules were broken here, right?) So, perfect bikini. Bright, floral, ruffles..... that just screams fruity drinks by the pool... or ocean..... or on a yacht. You decide but this is swimsuit perfection.

Zimmermann at ShopStyle


Amber said...

Cute pics Kara!! I love that swim suit!!

Kristen said...

Great picks! Love them!

Janelle said...

I really like these 3 wishes series. Keep them coming! :)