For Men: Closet Essentials: Ties

I've had a few requests recently to feature more options for men, so I enlisted the help of the fabulous Laura from LKc Style to do a couple guest posts! Thank you to Laura, and be sure to visit LKc Style for all of your men's styling needs.

Every man should have a few ties in his closet available to suit any occasion. LKc Style recommends always having at least one bold colored tie, one striped tie, and one patterned tie. Even better, if you have limited amount of shirts, you can make sure each of the above ties coordinate for optimal mix-and-match options. We wouldn’t want to miss out on all the options, now would we?? Consider the following for your tie arsenal (ALL $20 OR UNDER!!!):

Topman Navy Stripe Slim Tie - $20
Topman at ShopStyle

Express Silk Paisley in Brilliance - $19.99 (on sale)
Express at ShopStyle

Topman Gray Oxford Cotton - $20
Oxford at ShopStyle

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